Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality is a great way to entertain clients in a unique environment.

It offers you the chance to entertain your business associates, clients (or potential clients!) at a quality social event, in a fun environment which is stress free and bound to be a great day out.

Race day corporate hospitality is gaining a huge momentum nationally with events booked in advance annually as businesses enjoy the rewards of the investment they’ve made in race day hospitality.

Racing clubs now look internationally for new and innovative ways to deliver experiences that tick all the boxes for Corporate Hospitality clients. We want to provide an event that builds loyalty, networking opportunities and great memories for you and your guests.

Research shows more and more people are turning off to traditional forms of marketing and advertising through media and information overload. People generally want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Let us provide the perfect platform for you to make those long-term impressions on those you want to do business with.

For more information on what packages are available for upcoming events please go to the Raceday Packages page of the club which interests you.

Please get in touch with the TRAC group and talk to us about how Corporate Hospitality can work for your business.